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Enhance H2o

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Whats inside

Is your water safe to drink?

DISCOVER ENHANCE H2O: The solution you’ve been looking for, for water purification, softening and greater health for your family.

REMOVE ‘THE BAD STUFF’: Our 6-Stage RO Water Filter goes beyond basic filtration. It removes contaminants like lead and fluoride ensuring your water is clean and healthy (fluoride can muscle out iodine in your body… which doesn’t make your thyroid very happy!)

ENHANCE WITH ‘THE GOOD STUFF’: The alkaline filter upgrade enriches your water with essential minerals. This boosts antioxidant properties and improves hydration, making every glass of water a step towards better health.

WITH A SOFTER TOUCH: Enhance H2O protects your appliances and plumbing from hard-water scale build-up, while leaving your skin and hair softer and more radiant.

MADE FOR FLORIDA WATER: Specifically designed to tackle Florida’s unique water challenges, this system ensures your water tastes better and promotes wellness, safeguarding your home’s infrastructure in the process.

EASY MAINTENANCE: An easy installation process with minimal maintenance and peace of mind abounding.

Hardware Features

  • Twist-off filter cartridges

  • High capacity 50 GPD RO membrane assembly for easy replacement

  • Automatic shutoff valve to prevent excess reject water from going to drain when the unit is not producing water

  • Compact size for an easier under-the-counter fit

What's Inside Enhance H2o

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Tito Approved 🐾

We’re pet lovers at heart, which is why we designed our RO system with our dog, Tito, in mind.

Our aim was to ensure that not only are your family members and pets well-hydrated, but that they’re also contaminant-free!

In Florida, where water quality can be a concern, you can trust in our RO system to provide clean, safe drinking water for your entire household… including your beloved pets!

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Enhance Complete

Order the complete system for your home

Complete water care for your entire home. Protect your pipes, enhance your drinking water.

  • Full Home Water Softening

  • State of The Art Filtration



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